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Student Projects

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By Donovan Velasquez

In order to truly understand the cultural landscape of our Isla Vista and UCSB home, we must first learn about the first peoples of Goleta Valley, the Chumash.  Navigate this interactive map to discover timelines all about the hidden historical past.

By Logan Snyder

Within this three part series, I will guide you through the processes of gardening and foraging within Isla Vista, along with easy, flavorful, and sustainable recipes that you can cook at home.

By Natalie Plumb

I will take you step by step through how to sustainably beachcomb for materials you can use to make your own watercolor paints, resin jewelry, and a seaglass mosaic picture frame.

By Olivia Robért 

With the help of Chumash elder, Art Cisneros, I will introduce you to the world of medicinal herbs.  Here, you can learn about the importance of reciprocity and the benefits of mugwort and elderberry.

By Delcia Orona

Join me in an exploration of the traces present across Isla Vista and the UCSB campus. Through this collection, we can begin to recognize the commonly unseen or forgotten, and reimagine our influence on the environment.

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By Jack Greenberg & Gavin Robbins Thatcher

Embark on a cinematic journey that follows local Isla Vistan and avid skater, Dmitry, as he transverses the cultural landscape of Isla Vista on his way to watch the sunset.  Along the way, he meets other locals who share valuable ecological knowledge with him.

By Briana Pham

My project will teach you about the fantastic world of mushrooms, from mushroom history and uses, to how to sustainably forage, to how to grow your own mushrooms at home!

By Joshua Richardson

My article will help you consider the ethical implications of each of our interactions with the local environment; how we affect the environment, but also, how the environment affects us.

By Karma Rhythm

This project serves two purposes, to tell my story, as well as to entice, encourage, and provide knowledge which will facilitate any other Isla Vistans who are interested in gardening, or even just getting more in touch with nature. 

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