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By Briana Pham

Delve into the World of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are mysterious organisms known for their occasional psychedelic qualities and their tendency to kill, but there is more to these fanciful fungi than shown. Humans have interacted with mushrooms for centuries to cure ailments, alter perceptions, and speak to the gods. Though fungi may be fearsome, there is much to learn from interactions that I chanterelle you about.

The Past, Present, & Future of Fungi


Why Should You Give a Shiitake About Mushrooms?


Morels of Mushroom Foraging


Growing Your Own Mushrooms!

More About Mushrooms

Meet the Researcher:

I’m Briana, a fourth year Environmental Studies major and minor in Spatial Studies. I love everything that’s related to the environment, but specifically sustainability within food systems. I also really like succulents!

Briana Pham

Environmental and Spatial studies student, UCSB

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