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Sustainable and Flavorful Food Practices within Isla Vista

By Logan Snyder

Within this three part series, I will guide you through the processes of gardening and foraging within Isla Vista, along with easy, flavorful, and sustainable recipes that you can cook.


"Jamming Out"

Foraging and Jam-Making in Isla Vista


"Simple Sustainability"

Gardening, Pickling, and Tacos

from Scratch


Chumash Appreciation

Acorn Dumpling Stew and

Chia Lemonade


About Logan:

I hope you enjoyed the shows! My goal for this series was to provide Isla Vista residents and anyone who comes across the page with some easy ways of interacting with the environment and creating good food out of what you find and buy. I learned to cook through a range of YouTube channels, at Barbareno (a local farm-to-table restaurant in downtown Santa Barbara), and from side by side tutorials from my family while I grew up.  Food has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to inspire others to love cooking as much as I do. 

Logan Snyder

Cultural anthropology student, UCSB

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