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Beachcombing diy art

By Natalie Plumb

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Video by Jake Potts

What is Beachcombing?

As UCSB students, we have the unique luxury of enjoying the beach each and every day…that is until we graduate.  Why not take advantage of this amazing privilege that so few people are able to experience?  Whether you are a surfer who spends their time in the ocean, an avid reader who relaxes with a good book on the sand, or someone who simply enjoys taking in the salty air and sounds of crashing waves, the UCSB and Isla Vista coastline provides something for everyone.  In addition to presenting students with beautiful scenery and a place to relax, the UCSB coastline also offers an abundance of resources for creating unique pieces of art.  Whether you are an art major or have never painted in your life, the coastline offers all the materials you need to realize your creative potential. 


Beachcombing encompasses the experience of walking the coastline, the area between the bluffs and ocean, from Campus Point to the end of Sands Beach.  As you walk along the sand, you will encounter countless treasures, from perfectly flat rocks for painting on, driftwood for creating one of a kind sculptures, sea glass to puzzle into mosaics, to plants that can be made into paints or stylish jewelry.  You may even find a discarded old Wavestorm surfboard, perfect for creating the ultimate picnic table.  If you are interested in creating the perfect gift for your best friend, a beautiful sculpture for your room, or unique and functional artwork, this page will teach you all you need to know about sustainable beachcombing practices, tips and tricks for finding the best materials, and step by step tutorials for making these projects at home.  The possibilities are endless!

DIY Art Projects:

DIY Art Projects

Make Your Own Watercolor Paints from Plants

Foraging for Flowers and Fruit

Jewelry Cover.png

Resin Jewelry

Sun Room Designs


Sea Glass Mosaic Picture Frame

Recycling Man-made Materials 

How To:

Beachcomb Responsibly

Meet the Researcher:

Thank you for visiting my page!  I hope you enjoyed learning about a few ways to take advantage of our beautiful coastline in fun and creative ways.  I began this project with the hope of encouraging students of all backgrounds to interact with our local coastline and build personal ties with our UCSB and Isla Vista environment. As an artist and surfer, I have found endless inspiration from beachcombing the area between the bluffs and the waves.  Through my research, I have encountered local and global artists and discovered brand new and exciting ways to create art from the materials provided by our coastline.  The possibilities for creativity are endless!

Natalie Plumb

Cultural anthropology student at UCSB

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