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Engaging Ethnobotany

Table of Contents:


Learn how to use local plants in creative ways.  The DIY section includes a cooking channel, a guide to learning how to weave, plant identification, ethnobotany classes, nature journaling, and scavenger hunts.

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Cultural landscapes are any natural or geographical landscape that is somehow imbued with human cultural meanings, including history, events, buildings, roads, middens, farms, etc.  These places are intersections between nature and culture.


Want to learn more about the plants growing around UCSB and Isla Vista?  Check out these campus plant resources, cool organizations, and blogs.  Here, you can also find additional sources for foraging and plant identification.


Check out the UCSB IV Ethnobotany Project's Instagram account to learn about what edible plants are near UCSB!  You can also direct message us plant pics and we will help you identify them.

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

cooking channel.jpg

Cooking Channel

Delicious Recipes

Made with Local Plants


Woven Wonders

Learn How to Use Local Plants

to Weave and Create Cordage

eschscholzia californica1.jpg

Plant Identification

Learn How to Identify

Plants around UCSB and IV

ethnobotany classes.jpg

Ebot Classes

Explore Past

Ethnobotany Classes

nature journaling.png

Nature Journaling

Check Out Videos for

How to Nature Journal

scavenger hunts.png

Scavenger Hunts

Check Out Our Plant

& Nature Scavenger Hunts

Cultural Landscape

Cultural Landscape
Village Chumash _0.jpg

Chumash Ebot

Check out this article about

how Chumash use native plants

sueno orchard.jpeg

Sueño Orchard

Check out this article about

Sueño Orchard in IV

food insecurity.png

Food Insecurity

Learn more about food insecurity

across the world

Cluster of Green Leaves

The Truth

About "Weeds"

Check this article about

useful "weeds" around IV

Eat Your Weeds.png

Eat Your Weeds

Check out this zine made by Bailey McKernan about edible weeds.

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IV Ethnobotany Instagram

Check out the UCSB IV Ethnobotany Project's Instagram account to learn about what edible plants are near UCSB!  You can direct message us plant pics and we will help you identify them.  Follow our account to keep up to date with all things IV Ethnobotany, including classes, events, projects, and more!


More Resources

Campus Plant Resources:

UCSB Plant Club: email to join the mailing list and get involved

CCBER's Campus Flora Project: check out what CCBER is doing on campus!

CCBER's Exotic Flora Walking Tour: check out some non-native plants on campus!

CCBER's Ethnobotanical Walking Tour: check out CCBER's ethnobotanically relevant plants!

Cool Organizations:

People and Plants: grassroots organizing and policy change

Society of Ethnobiology


Eat the Weeds

Beautiful Food Gardening: transforming an ordinary suburban lot into a beautiful edible landscape

Foraging and Plant Identification Resources:

*We cannot voice for the accuracy of these sites.  Remember to check plant identifications against multiple sources and never eat something you are not 100% sure about.  See our IV Ethnobotany Foraging Guidelines.

Fallen Fruit: experience your city as a fruitful place

Dina Fisher: Southern California foraging guide

Cal Flora: information on wild California plants

Santa Monica Mountains: wildflowers of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

iNaturalist: plants, animals, and fungi of the Santa Clara River

Wild Edible: Learn how to forage safely and sustainably

More Resources
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