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About Our Project

The Cultivating Communities team on their last day of class getting the rare opportunity to spend the afternoon at the top of Storke Tower, the tallest building on the UCSB campus. From left to right: Kirstin Hensley, Briana Pham, Professor Hoelle, Gavin Robbins Thatcher, Joshua Richardson, Olivia Robért, Logan Snyder, Karma Rhythm, Jack Greenberg, Delcia Orona, Dahlia Shahin, Natalie Plumb, and  Donovan Velasquez.


Professor Jeffrey Hoelle

Jeffrey Hoelle is an environmental anthropologist who studies the ways that people think about and use the environment in the Brazilian Amazon and around the UCSB campus and adjacent community of Isla Vista, California.  He works with UCSB students to better understand humans and their relationships with the world that surrounds them, from edible plants to layers of the cultural landscape.  In addition to working with students to create the research you see on this site, Hoelle also runs the IV Ethnobotany Project with the help of a talented group of undergraduate and graduate students.  This site is part of a "Cultivating Socio-ecological Communities" project that is supported by the 2019 UCSB Sustainability Champion award.  Hoelle is no expert in web design; all credit for the construction of this website goes to UCSB anthropology and professional writing student Natalie Plumb.

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