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DIY: Scavenger Hunt

Easy Scavenger Hunt

I learned through experience that scavenger hunts for beginner outdoorspeople and city-people need to assume that participants have very little knowledge of the outdoors. 


Wander the park, take your time! Please use different plants/animals for each question. Have fun!

  1. Name as many plants in the park as you can (try for 4)!

  2. Close your eyes: describe 2 different noises you hear. Without looking, what are they?

  3. Find 2 flowering plants. Draw their flowers here.

  4. Come to me and ask for an edible plant. What does it taste like? Compare it to something you have eaten before.

  5. Find a plant with a hairy stem or hairy leaves. What do the hairs feel like (soft, prickly, etc)? What do you think the hairs are for?

  6. Find an insect. Draw its eyes here.

  7. Find 2 kinds of plants that smell good when you crush them. Describe their smells.

  8. Take a few minutes and watch a single bird that is in the park. Follow it carefully without scaring it. Take note of what it’s doing. Write down some questions you have about its behavior.

  9. Come back to the backpacks. Lay down on the grass and close your eyes. What can you smell from that level?

NOT So Easy Scavenger Hunt

My first attempt at a scavenger hunt for beginners was a huge fail because it was far too complex. So if you have some more advanced naturalists (not super knowledgable, but also not beginners), try this one on for size.

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