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A Glimpse Into Our Film Making Process

Skateboarding offers the exploration of our planet’s giant cities, small towns, rural neighborhoods, sewer ditches, empty spillways, all of which often offer a botanical experience unique to its own. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the filmmakers had endless territory to navigate and explore, and making this project brought them both back to those fond memories of trekking miles, spot to spot, seeking out those features of an environment often overlooked by a common passerby. “We only get one shot! Gav you got this? Camera recording? Alright, action!” The gap lies ahead and just beside an active new restaurant doorway in Isla Vista, the new owners are not fond of skateboarders and therefore our visit must be quick. Slash a curb, air a gap, carve a bank, push as if fire ignites wherever your foot hits next. Skateboarders are liberated by their four wheels, eight bearrings, and seven ply decks. To them, this tool allows for endless endeavors, seeking out the new pavement being poured that day in the urban sprawl, or even by chance the ripening fruit overhanging a community sidewalk. The way a skateboarder sees the world is not like most. The curve of a painted curb, the slope and uprooted sidewalk, the hill that stares you in your soul and makes you hold on to that self made confidence. With predatory birds overhead looking down at you while you look down at the pebble you just slammed on, which has now led to face the ground in which your eyes open to an overlooked element of these cityscapes, the cracks that harbor life. Fallen, but will still get back up, continue on and converse with the environment through gyrating momentum and having a grand time with or without your crew.

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