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Image by Karma Rhythm

Chapter 7:

Composting Basics

I did not start a compost pile this quarter, but it seems so easy after doing the research that  I am convinced I should have. I’m also certain that anyone who makes it this far into the guide should consider composting for their garden as well. According to the EPA, there are 5 main factors which will determine the health of the compost and these are:


Graphic by Natalie Plumb

Wayne says he uses local kelp in his compost and swears by it. Organic Blends to help your pile better compost can also be found at specialty shops like Island Seed and Feed. I have also found that Rock Phosphate, Fish meal and Alfalfa Meal can also be added to compost to help enrich it, or even mixed directly into soil to promote growth and act as fertilizers.

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