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Image by Karma Rhythm

Chapter 5:

My Difficulties Planting Seeds

I first started my seeds in some starter trays in my apartment. I used the little lids that came with and put them in the back to get sunlight. I think I did not water this batch enough and perhaps I was just too impatient because after about ten days I emptied the planters (which had sprouted nothing) and tried to re-plant the seeds in some new planter-boxes which I have left in the Garden. I am being patient with these ones and while it has been about 10 days now and they have yet to sprout, I have some hope. 

Early on, Seth advised me not to plant seeds right now and to just plant some “starts,” but it almost felt like cheating when I am trying to write the guide on student gardening here. Andy has recommended that I let these sit around for another week and that they don't need to be started in a greenhouse, while another gardener at GHGP named Briar has expressed concerns that if anything does sprout here the little mice will eat it before I even notice. Jack, a classmate, did recommend starting my seeds in a greenhouse.

Edit: It has officially been two weeks since I re-planted my seeds in the little starter trays and there are sprouts in 2 of the trays ! One seems to be the cucumber, which I worried I planted too early. The other seems to me like it is the Daisies. I unfortunately did not label the new trays when i re-planted my starts and so I will have to wait and see what comes up. 

Andy and Seth both recommended planting Kale in one way or another as it is a “feeder” and as long as you water it and provide it with nutrients, it will grow. Andy showed me Kale he started last year around the same time that had leaves almost 3 feet long now. I should’ve probably started some Kale, towards the beginning of the quarter, though I am happy to finally have sprouted some seeds.

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