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Chapter 4:

What/When to Plant in IV

My knowledge in this area is a bit limited because I just gardened during this winter quarter, and rather unsuccessfully I might add. It was not until week 7 of the quarter that my seeds sprouted, I began to think they never would. I was focused mainly on bringing back this dying pepper plant, weeding and remodeling my plot, as well as nourishing my nettles, sour-grass, poppies and the gopher spurge. I attempted to plant cucumbers, carrots, daisies and some squash. The seed packets of all these, which I got from the local Dollar Tree all suggested that they should be planted between September and February in our area. 

I have also been told by Seth, Andy, and Wayne that kale grows great in our area, especially during the winter season if you are looking for an edible plant to grow. The plant I saw grow the best this winter was my poppies, which doubled in size this winter. An interesting fact about the poppies, is that their seeds are mixed into the soil at the GHGP in an effort to help spread the flowers throughout the garden. I am stoked to keep the plot going into Spring and watch them bloom.

Besides my limited knowledge and experience, there is actually a comprehensive guide for interested students published by the UC Cooperative Extension all about what to plant in Santa Barbara Area, month by month. I think this resource will come in handy for students who want to plan their garden out in more detail or who are planting at a different time of year than myself. The guide provides lots of knowledge too about local pests and conditions necessary to grow each plant successfully. I honestly wish I found this guide at the start of the quarter, I would have consulted with it from the beginning.


Graphic by Natalie Plumb

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