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Image by Karma Rhythm

Chapter 2:

Finding a Place to Garden in IV

I decided if I wanted to garden that the first step was finding an accessible garden plot. After looking into the options I noted that some gardens had very long wait lists and others were open to only specific residents, like the West Campus Gardens. Not the Green House and Garden Project though, where students can secure a plot for roughly $20 a quarter.

I found Seth’s email, who runs the garden, and reached out to him. By that weekend we had met up and made the exchange. He got the cash and the plot was mine. And it was huge and it was dead. It was that easy though and it surprised me that in 3 days and over the course of just 2 emails, I had gone from wanting to garden to having my own plot.

That day there was a community exercise going on and I felt tense around some of the other gardeners I ran into, so after I got my plot I hurried off. I remember noticing for the first time in a while how nice the wind felt as I walked home, I think after this day I began to nurture my connection with nature more.

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